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Triple Tachometer 6520 Magnetic Drag Series

The INSCO 6520 series are concentric three-pointer magnetic drag tachometers produced for the twin helicopter market. They provide reliable speed indication for both engines and the main rotor. Qualified to TSO C49a, they can be supplied with dial configurations for Bell 212, 214 and MBB BO-105 series.

This updated tachometer is driven directly from the engine-mounted 2 pole tach generators, and requires no external power (except for integral lighting). In the event of instrument bus shutdown, the 6520 will continue to function. Designed for years of trouble-free service as an OEM or replacement tachometer.

Signal sources: (3) 2-pole tachometer generators, GEU-7A or Equiv.
Accuracy: + / - 1.5% F.S. (for better accuracy, consult factory)
Temp Drift: Less than + / - 0.5% F.S.
Power Requirements: None

Position Error: + / - 1% F.S. Max.



6520 Triple Magentic Drag Tachometer

Electrical Connection: Customer option
Case: 3 inch nominal per MS33638 or MS33639
Coverglass coatings: MIL-C-675 or MIL-C-14806

bullet Internal (wedge, spray, or transilluminated)
bullet Add-on bezel lighting
bullet5 or 28 volt
bullet White, blue/white (MIL-L-27160) or red (MIL-L-25467)
bulletNVIS Compatible Lighting also available.

Range markings and scale range custom manufactured to your requirements.



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