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Triple Tachometer 6505A Series

The INSCO 6505A triple tachometer is a three channel servoed tachometer designed primarily for use on dual engine helicopters. The speed of both engines and the rotor are displayed by three concentric pointers. All channels are independent of one another, so that a failure in one channel will not affect the others. The engine channels are normally calibrated in percent rpm and rotor channel reads direct rpm, however, any arrangement is possible.

On the 6505A, all channels will operate from either a two or four pole tachometer generator, or a monopole transmitter. Overall accuracy is + / - 0.5%. Only 28 volt external power and the tach generator signal is required for operation.

The indicator is qualified to TSO-C49A, and meets the FRI requirements of MIL-l-6181.

The INSCO™ 6505A Tachometer has been designed with maximum reliability in mind. There are no punched gears or bushings in an INSCO™ gearhead. We use precision machined close-tolerance aluminum and stainless steel gearing, and every gear shaft runs in ABEC7P miniature bearings. All electronic components are selected with a wide 'cushion' to prevent premature failure, and much of the circuitry is hybridized into a custom thick-film circuit.

The 6505A indicator is available with overspeed or underspeed warning circuitry, and with key-operated reset, if required.

All pointers will return to zero in the event of power failure, so that incorrect information is not displayed to the pilot.

The tachometer is available in either a standard round case, 'O'-ring or hermetic sealed, or an environmentally sealed ARINC ATI 3" case.

6505A Triple Tachometer

MS33638, MS33639 or ARINC case (3") MS3113-12-10P connector standard, any connector available
Coverglass coating: MIL-C-675 or MIL-C-14806
Overspeed and/or underspeed warning

bullet Integral (wedge, spray, or transilluminated)
bullet Add-on bezel lighting
bullet5 or 28 volt
bullet White, blue/white (MIL-L-27160) or red (MIL-L-25467)
bulletNVIS Compatible Lighting also available.

Range markings and dial range to meet your requirements.

As with all instruments, the 6505A updated triple tachometer was designed and engineered with rigorous adherence to the highest quality standards.

At AeroPanel-INSCO™, our teams demand the best and that's exactly what we deliver!



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