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Tach 6501

Tach 6501
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Single Tachometer 6501 Series

The INSCO 6501 series single tachometer is a "drag-magnet" type which operates directly from a two pole tachometer generator requiring no external power. In the event of an instrument bus shutdown, the 6501 will provide the pilot with critical engine speed information. The 6501 series was designed and engineered to provide years of dependable service as an OEM and replacement tachometer.

The 6501 series single tachometer is available with or without a vernier pointer. The 6501 has an overall accuracy of + / - 1% F.S. with accuracy of + / - 0.5% F.S., in the operating range 80 to 100%. The 6501 indicator is qualified to TSO-C49A.

As with all INSCO instruments, the updated 6501 single tachometer was designed and engineered with rigorous adherence to the highest quality standards.

At INSCO™, our teams demand the best and that's exactly what we deliver!


6501 Tachometer

Vernier Pointer
MS33638 or MS33639 2" case
MS3102A-10SL-3P connector standard, any connector available

Coverglass coatings: MIL-C-675 or MIL-C-14806

bullet Internal (wedge, spray, or transilluminated)
bullet Add-on bezel lighting
bullet5 or 28 volt
bullet White, blue/white (MIL-L-27160) or red (MIL-L-25467)
bulletNVIS Compatible Lighting also available.

Range markings and dial range custom manufactured to your specifications.



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