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Analog/Digital Temperature Indicators 5080

5080 Temperature Guage


The INSCO 5080 series of analog/digital temperature indicators represents the next logical step in accurate, dependable turbine engine monitoring instruments. All of the best features of our popular 5032 series have been combined with the pinpoint accuracy of an analog/digital readout for a unit of uncompromising quality and reliability.



The INSCO 5080 series was developed for applications where the accuracy of numerical readout is required. Basically, the 5080 is a further refinement of our 5032 series...a proven performer. Like the 5032, this instrument incorporates reference junction compensation at the thermocouple amp itself, virtually eliminating errors caused by incorrectly or poorly compensated remote reference junctions. Custom microcircuitry, MIL quality components throughout and INSCO standard solid construction mean that it is durable and will seldom need repair. When repair work is required, however, INSCO's worldwide network of factory approved and authorized stations assures rapid turnaround.

The 5080 is available in a wide range of options. You select from:

bulletLCD or incandescent display
bulletLinear or non linear analog scale
bulletInput for either chrome/alumel (Type K) or Iron/Constantan (Type J) thermocouples.

Standard tolerances are + / - 5 degrees C for the digital display and + / - 2 % F.S. for the analog pointer. This accuracy includes warmup drift.

MS33638 or MS33639 case (2" nom.)
Coverglass coating: MIL-C-675 or MIL-C-14806
Overtemp warning lamp
bullet Integral (wedge, spray, or transilluminated)
bullet Add-on bezel lighting
bullet5 or 28 volt
bullet White, blue/white (MIL-L-27160) or red (MIL-L-25461)
bulletNVIS Compatible Lighting also available.

Range and range markings to your requirements.

As with all INSCO instruments, the 5080 temperature indicator was designed and engineered with rigorous adherence to the highest quality standards.

At INSCO™, our teams demand the best and that's exactly what we deliver!


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