Volts/Amps 9053
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Volts/Amps 9053

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Volts/Amps 9053

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Volt Ammeter Cluster 9053

 Volt Ammeter Cluster 9053 


The INSCO 9053 series volt/ammeter is a truly unique modular approach to monitoring the ships 28 volt bus. The 9053 provides a quick visual reference for the right or left hand generators and battery. This continuous visual status is generated by two full-time ammeters and a single switchable voltmeter. And, the switch and each indicator are individually replaceable for reduced downtime. The 9053 comes housed in a sturdy anodized brazed aluminum case.


The INSCO 9053 series volt/ammeter cluster utilizes a shock-protected 120 angular degree meter movement, and is available with floodlit dial and backlit legends. The switch module is also available with a back-lighted panel and switch lubber line.

All connections are made to the instrument through a single nineteen-pin bayonet connector.

Dimensions are 5.9" wide x 1.55" high x 3.70" deep.

As with all INSCO instruments, the 9053 volt/ammeter cluster was designed and engineered with rigorous adherence to the highest quality standards.

At AeroPanel-INSCO™, our teams demand the best and that's exactly what we deliver!


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