Torque 4328
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Torque 4328

Torque 4328
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Servo Torquemeter 4328 Series

The INSCO 4328 series servoed torquemeter represents state-of-the-art accuracy combined with dependable performance. The 4328 series most commonly provides critical engine or transmission torque information to the pilot but the 4328 also offers the versatility to monitor any aircraft pressure where accuracy is critical.

The INSCO 4328 indicator operates from a high-impedance strain-gauge transducer. In most torque applications, the transducer used is AeroPanel-INSCO part number 1007-1023, a 70 psi differential unit. When used to measure direct pressures, a 1007 series gauge pressure transducer should be used. The indicator develops a closely regulated 10 volt output for transducer excitation. The only external requirements are 28 volt DC power, and the transducer pressure signal.

The 4328 torquemeter has been designed with maximum reliability in mind. There are no punched gears or bushings in an INSCO gearhead. We use precision machined close-tolerance aluminum and stainless gearing and every gear shaft runs in ABEC7P miniature bearings. All electronic components are selected with a wide 'cushion' to prevent premature failure, and much of the circuitry is hybridized into a custom thick-film circuit.

This indicator is available with an optional overtorque warning lamp to indicate when a preset value of torque has been exceeded. Once on, the lamp can only be turned off by a key operated switch. This option also includes a self-test function.

The indicator is fully qualified to TSO-C47, type II, for pressure application. All inputs and outputs are FRI filtered to conform to MIL-I-6181. As with all INSCO servoed indicators, the pointer returns to zero in the event of a power failure, so that incorrect information is not displayed to the pilot.

4328 Torquemeter

MS33638 or MS33639 case (2" nom.)
MS31113-12-10P connector standard, any connector available

Coverglass coating: MIL-C-675 or MIL-C-14806
Overtorque warning lamp

bullet Internal (wedge, spray, or transilluminated)
bullet Add-on bezel lighting
bullet5 or 28 volt
bullet White, blue/white (MIL-L-27160) or red (MIL-L-25461)
bulletNVIS Compatible Lighting also available.

Range and range markings to your requirements.

As with all INSCO™ instruments, the 4328 servoed torquemeter was designed and engineered with rigorous adherence to the highest quality standards.

At INSCO™, our teams demand the best and that's exactly what we deliver!



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